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Therapie voor expats in Vught

Wanneer je in een ander land woont, kunnen je problemen parten spelen, die gerelateerd zijn aan verblijven in het buitenland. Ook problemen die geen direct verband houden met je verblijf in het buitenland kunnen je teisteren. Hoe fijn is het dan om in je moedertaal problemen op te lossen. Psycholoog Vught biedt tevens de mogelijkheid om per skype te communiceren.

Deutschsprachige Psychologin

Indem Sie am liebsten in deutscher Sprache kommunizieren, begruesse ich Sie herzlich in meiner Praxis. Ich gebe auch Behandlungenauf Deutsch.
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English speaking psychologist

If you prefer to communicate in English, I warmly welcome you in my practice. I also give treatments in English.


Being an expat can be a quite exhausting experience, also life adventure, but not always an easy one. Therefore it is important to get advice or counseling when needed.

Expat spouse

Although you are probably a highly educated woman of man, in your new home, you sometimes do not have a job. Especially when the days of your husband are structured by a job, the days of your kids structured by school and friends and family far away, this can strip you of an important source of social contact.

Expat parent

Your child may soak up as much of the other culture as possible. However, some children do have adaptation difficulties. To help your child feel more confident in another culture, it can be helpful to plan a few sessions with a attachment professional. I can also offer you, the expat parent, practical tools and clear instructions for improvement.

Expat treatment at Psycholoog Vught

As I strongly work from intuition I am able to identify issues quickly. At Psycholoog Vught I also treat problems that are not directly related to the expat status, such as anxiety disorders, grief and loss, eating disorders, stress and burnout, depression, psychotrauma (PTSD) problems with being gifted, HSP, etc. I also guide people with relationship problems in couples therapy.

For more information about treatment at Psycholoog Vught, the practice of drs. Bernadette van Wouw, click: treatment.

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